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SAVOIR \ sav-ˌwär: In French, “to know” in the sense of knowing how to do something or knowing something by heart, through mental ability or through a learning process.

Change is here. Shall we Begin?


SAVOIR is a social enterprise start-up set to disrupt the jewelry industry.

We are an incubator, providing high potential designers support & visibility. SAVOIR challenges the status quo by connecting the world to artists through a content-rich digital platform. We believe the creative collective can rival traditional jewelry houses.

Join SAVOIR and work WITH (not for) a company. 


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People are Saying

The jewelry industry needs new blood and transparency.”

– SZ, Designer

SAVOIR is like gaming incubators for jewelry… the same concept but different market… and incubators work.”

– DT, Animation Artist

It is refreshing to see jewelry designers being spotlighted for the true artist that they are.”

– DS, Gemologist

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